⚽ Soccer I also would like to thank wikipedia for the amazing story about Cristiano Ronaldo ⚽

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I am 10 years old and play soccer a lot some people even call it an addiction it is my all time favorite sport and I love it

Watch this awesome Cristiano Ronaldo video Cristiano Ronaldo

This is Christiano Ronaldo he is my all time favorite soccer player-Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite soccer player because he moves the ball so well and has so much control. He also has lots of skill, his 2 favorite moves are the scissors and the hot chop-

here's my favorite soccer players

  • soccer is my all time favorite sprort and Cristiano Ronaldo is my favorite soccer player I want to play just like him when I am older
  • superflies are my favorite soccer shoes because they have ancle support
  • I play for galagher and play a level up on the premier and elite team
  • 1. Cristiano Ronaldo 2. Lionel Messi